Romance 1.0 Cards FOR HIM

Romance 1.0 Cards FOR HIM

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#1 of 2 romance themed packs in our connection cards for him collection.

This pack contains 10 high quality cards, containing romantic favours and gestures for the special man in your life. Some of the favours a man can expect to recieve with this pack include: a steamy make out session, a guilt free evening of indulging in a hobby, one out of three of his deepest desires granted, and more.

These romance themed cards have been created with the modern man in mind making them a fun and loving way to connect. 

Disclaimer: Please remember to have FUN! These cards require two people to play and our hope is that you play in a mature and open minded manner. At no time should there be pressure to do anything that you, or the person you're playing with, does not consent to.