About Eva & House of True

*** ABOUT EVA (ME) ***

My name is Eva Jones (she/her) and I am 31 years of age when I write this.

I am the wife of a beautiful human


and the Mother of 5 incredible children

I am incredibly passionate about all things Relationship, Intimacy, Connection, and Sexuality. My biggest teachings, blessings, and lessons have been experienced through these realms.

I have been brought to my absolute knees through relationship! The intensity of emotion, pain, bliss, healing, and learning to be experienced through relationship never ceases to amaze me. It has always really fascinated and intrigued me. My intimate relationships have humbled me and I’ve spent most of my adult life learning more about why I have always found relationship such an intense experience. 

My childhood was turbulent. There was alot of poverty, domestic violence, addiction, drugs and alcohol, in my home and environment. I experienced a lot of childhood trauma. If you’ve ever seen the film ‘Once Were Warriors’ our lifestyle was eerily similar to that.

Thankfully, when I was a teenager my mum turned her life around. Something I will be forever grateful for. Here is a snippet of her story/our story which she shared in an interview. I too grew up on that same street she mentions. Breaking intergenerational patterns and trauma is a path I walk.

I started experimenting sexually when I was young. Sex always fascinated me so much, and once I started, I couldn’t get enough. I just LOVED it. I loved the sensations, but what I really loved most was connecting with and learning about people in the most intimate ways.

I started building an impressive collection of sex toys and sex books at the young age of 16, soaking up all the experiential and intellectual wisdom I could. Throughout the years I explored and experienced monogamous, polyamorous, consenual non-monogamous, relationship structures, and a wide range of sexual practice structures.

As I entered adulthood, I noticed that I had developed some incredibly problematic behaviours around my sexuality. In my early 20's I was diagnosed by a Sex Therapist with a ‘Sex Addiction’.. a term I don’t resonate with anymore. I reached a point where I felt a total lack of control over my sexuality and I felt like it was affecting my day to day living, and my relationships. I felt a lot of guilt and shame. Through therapy, community, and self led learning, I managed to transform my relationship with sex in a pretty major way.

As I write this, I am now on the other side of the spectrum. I haven’t experienced any sexual intimacy with another human in almost 1 year. 

Which brings me to relationship…

Sometimes relating with other humans feels like an incredible training ground, and sometimes it feels like a battle field. The thing that I love so much about relationship with others is the way that it (ruthlessly, at times) reveals to us the parts of ourselves that could use some acknowledgment and care.

Relationship has brought me to my knees many times. I have found it confusing and hard at times to listen to my own truth when the world delivers such conflicting messages. Messages like “know your worth, don’t settle, you deserve…..” and then the more traditional views of marriage being a commitment, and how we live in such a disposable world, and if you don’t do the work in your current relationship, you will end up having to do it in the next relationship anyway.

Relationships are as unique as the individuals in them, and there isn’t a one size fits all approach to relational healing.

I like to support people in learning THEMSELVES, so that from this place of awareness and authenticity they can transform the relationships in their lives.

I like to support people in learning why they show up the way they do in relationships.

I like to support people in learning practical tools that will enhance the intimacy in their lives.

I like to support people who feel like their troubled pasts are spilling into their futures, and they want to take the reigns.

I am a passionate reader and learner. I don’t believe I will ever stop learning. Now that my children are getting a bit older, I am excited to be expanding my skill set.

Below are some of the skills I have acquired in my 31 years so far:

Certifications that I have done/am doing that support me in the work I do:

  • Somatica® Trained Sex & Relationship Coach: Somatica® Institute
  • Grief Literacy Being here, Human
  • Attachment & Trauma Mastery Program: Neurobiology, Attachment & Secure Relationships Dr. Diane Poole Heller
  • Te Reo Māori Level 1, 2, and 3 Rising Community Centre & Te Wānanga o Aotearoa

  • Certificate in Health Sciences Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
  • Laidlaw Bachelor of Counselling Feb 2022 - Present

Non - Certification Courses that I have completed that support me in the work I do:

  • The Wisdom of Trauma: Returning to Wholeness Gabor Mate
  • Overview of Polyvagal Theory for the Newly Acquainted Stephen Porges
  • Ignite Couples Course Kat & Tully O'Connor
  • Creating Conscious Love for Couples Shay (Rising Woman) & Ben (Evolving Man)
  • Heal your Relationships Rising Woman
  • Womb Sciences Immersion Usha Anandi
  • Temple of the Womb Nadine Lee
  • InPleasure CheChe Luna
  • Owakening Breathwork Course Lukis Mac & Helle Weston

Personal Experience / Support I’ve received that I bring to the work I do: 

  • 3 years of fortnightly counselling for a Social Anxiety Disorder diagnosis at the age of 11
  • Professional Sex Therapy on and off from the ages of 19-25
  • Anger Management (12 week course)
  • Weekly Couples Counselling (Feb 2021 - October 2021)
  • Individual Counselling sporadically from the age of 18 - present 
  • CONCIEVING, GROWING, BIRTHING 5 EPIC HUMANS in the space of just 7 years. 1 traumatic public hospital birth. 1 healing private hospital birth. 3 homebirth.


In 2018, I decided to start an E-Commerce store. I was inspired by messages I was receiving on Instagram about a post I had made that had shown some creative gifts I had made for my husband for Valentines Day.

‘Inspiration Station’ was born. A business with the goal to enhance the feeling of connection in the lives of others.

I have always been passionate about Relationship, Intimacy, Sexuality and Connection. In February 2019 I launched my first product. A range of 'Connection Cards'. 8 different packets of gift cards ranging from romantic favours - to sexual favours - to explicit favours.

I launched a week before Valentines Day and it was a bit of a DISASTER! Thanks to my Instagram community of over 10,000, we sold over 300 packets of Connection Cards in that first week, with buyers all hoping to receive their orders in time for Valentines. However, over 100 people didn’t receive their orders on time as I was a complete amateur and I trusted that the standard shipping price, and timing would suffice (3 business days, but it ended up being around 5-7 for most people)

There were a lot of incredibly happy customers, a lot of patient and understanding customers, and some really unhappy customers. Even going as far as to say that I ruined Valentine’s Day. I felt absolutely terrible but learnt so much from that experience! What a launch! 

Connection Cacao came next. In 2018 I discovered ‘Ceremonial Grade Cacao’ when googling natural antidepressants. I was really intrigued and found myself reading everything I could about it. At that time, it was hard to find in NZ, so I imported some from a wonderful American company called ‘Heart Blood Cacao’ .. this led to an 8 month deep dive into building personal relationship with Cacao.

I dedicate every Saturday from 6am - 12pm to sit with Cacao and journey together. Through movement, journaling, meditation, nature walks, love making, inner child work, naps, connection with others.. we went on many a journey together. I felt absolute devotion and reverence for this plant. In late 2019 I was fortunate enough to partner with Seleno Health: The Maca Experts and start stocking and supplying Peruvian Cacao. I had my whole trip booked to go and spend 10 days on the farm in July 2020.. and then COVID hit. And I’m still longing for and awaiting that special trip.

Cacao has been such an incredible nurturer, ally, friend, mama, tool, comforter on my journey and I will always be so grateful to have this incredible plant in my life

In 2020 I started offering a service in the business, I started facilitating monthly Cacao Ceremonies. I also brought in other products. Books, and Themed Boxes.

In 2021, Things changed quite a bit. I realised I had outgrown Connection Cards and I wanted to produce a fresh new range

I also decided to rebrand to ‘House of True’, as Inspiration Station didn’t resonate anymore (the name was my Instagram handle at the time I started a business. But I had changed that too)

I also started a 14 month training with Somatica Institute in Sex & Relationship Coaching, amongst other trainings.

Currently (November 2021) I am exploring more service based business, and finding so much joy in offering experiential coaching / group events to support people in experiencing deeper intimacy and connection in their lives