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Welcome to the Full Moon Box

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please purchase at your own risk. Shipping delays are unpredictable during this time, and while I haven’t experienced delays myself (all of the parcels I have been sending are being received within 1-3days at the latest) it is worth noting that I can not guarantee your parcel will make it to you before next Saturday. If you do purchase and there are delays, please email me after 5th June.

Working the phases of the Moon has been so impactful in my life and I’ve created this box to help support you in tapping into the Moons energy and ancient wisdom, and deepening your connection with your self.

The Full Moon occurs once a month and it invites us to pause, reflect, give gratitude to the things that light us up, and RELEASE the habits, thoughts, people and experiences that are no longer serving us.

With the next Full Moon gracing our skies on June 6th, this box contains everything you need to have your very own Full Moon Ceremony at home. The Full Moon Box changes monthly and will contain items that support the energy of the current Moon. For the Full Moon in Sagittarius occurring in June, your box will contain:

  • 4 pages containing information on the Full Moon in Sagittarius, ritual guidelines, journal prompts, and a connection enhancing exercise
  • A 100g block of Connection Cacao to enhance your Full Moon Ceremony by opening the heart and creating a calm and creative inner landscape. This block can be used for 2-3 ceremonial size doses of Cacao. 
  • A handpicked Aquamarine crystal that has been cleansed by me personally and set with the utmost loving intentions.
  • Ethically sourced Palo Santo. One of nature’s sacred cleansing tools that is said to purify the energy of the space you’re in and enhance creativity
  • A beautiful floating candle that can be used in a cleansing Full Moon bath
  • And a few other little surprises!