WITHINTIMACY: 4 Week Somatic Exploration

WITHINTIMACY: 4 Week Somatic Exploration

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An experiential exploration taking you to the depths of your inner realm

Transform your relationships by deepening the most important relationship you will ever have.. the relationship with yourself.

WITHINtimacy will have you learning and embodying intimacy using a somatic approach. This means that practically every topic we cover will have an experiential practice/tool to help integrate the teachings in a visceral way.

Weekly Live Calls will take place each Thursday from 25th November through to 16th December. These calls will take place from 7:30pm - 9pm.

These calls will be recorded, but I highly reccomend joining LIVE. The live calls will delivered in a lecture style with powerpoint teaching, with somatic, experiential practices to embody each topic.

The interactive part of our course will be via a private Facebook Group where I will be posting a weekly 'HOMEPLAY' task (think homework, but more exploratory) to help intergrate the weeks learnings. 

Weaving weekly lectures with experiential/practical tools, and an interactive Facebook Group; topics include:


Embodiment can be translated to 'a felt sense of being in your body'. This week we will explore foundational tools that bring you into YOUR body and deepen the awareness and connection you have to your inner landscape. This week we cover:

  • Breathwork
  • Attunement
  • Finding Safety in the Body
  • Seeing & Sensing
  • Self Soothing


This week will have us bringing awareness to our subconscious/learnt protective tactics that can sometimes hinder our ability to connect in an intimate way. With this heightened awareness, we can bring in more compassion and understandning for ourselves, advocate for those parts of us, and transform our relationships. We will cover:

  • Attachment
  • The Nervous System
  • Inner Child


The way we communicate has the ability to influence whether our interactions lead us closer to connection and intimacy, or further away. This week we will explore and practice:

  • Boundaries
  • Sharing Feelings Vulnerably
  • Trigger Mapping
  • Claiming Your Body


This week will be impactful! Buckle in for an amazing and FUN journey that will leave you knowing your sexual/sensual self on a new level. After tonight, you will have a deeper awareness of your sexuality and sensuality, and new ideas on communicating this awareness to current, or potential partners. We will explore:

  • Core Desires
  • Breathwork 
  • Pleasure Mapping

(Please Note: In the short term future I will be facilitating Embodied Sexuality & Sensuality Workshops. These will be 3 hours long and will cover alot more than what we can cover in our 1.5 hour WITHINtimacy workshop. If you see these events pop up and would like to explore this area more, don't hesistate to join that workshop also)


From 15th November there will be a sliding scale pricing system from $129 to $159

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